dar entehaye shab 6

dar entehaye shab 6

Its story is about a girl named Nika who seeks the truth of Leila’s death. She asks for help from a young man named Arin, who has known her since she was a student, to reveal the secrets of the past, but Arin and Nika face many dangers and threats. that stops them from continuing and…

Director: Aida Panahande – Author: Aida Panahande, Arslan Amiri

Producer: Mohammad Yamini – Genre: Romance, crime

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Parsa Pirouzfar and Hoda Zainul Abdin will come to the home show network with a 9-episode series at the end of the night; This series is the first appearance of Aida Pahanandeh on the home network

Production deputy: Mehdi Abbasipour, first assistant director: Hamid Shourideh, scheduler: Sanaz Qaramelki, stage secretary: Ghazal Rashidi, photographer: Omid Salehi, graphic consultant: Mohammad Hossein Houshmandi, logo designer: Samira Amiri.

Head of the director’s group: Rozbeh Sajjadi Hosseini, sound operator: Mehdi Ebrahimzadeh, set designer: Maryam Nazem, costume designer: Nazanin Tausli, make-up designer: Abbas Abbasi, sound and mixing: Mehrshad Malkouti.

Cinematography director: Farshad Mohammadi, editing: Imad Khodabakhsh, music: Ramin Kosha, set design director: Mohsen Shahebrahimi, production manager: Peyman Hamidi, visual effects designer: Farid Nazerfasihi


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