ghotbe shomal 9

ghotbe shomal 9

Humayun and Arghvan fall victim to a terrible betrayal on the eve of their marriage. Behind the walls of the prison, Humayun is counting the moments before death to take revenge on Saman. Arsham is born alone. A girl named Sahra is next to him to pave the way for Arsham to take revenge on the traitors…

Director: Amin Mahmoudi Yekta – Author: Hamed Afzali, Amin Mahmoudi Yekta

Producer: Akbar Tahvilian – Genre: Drama – Romantic

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Amirhossein Fathi, after appearing in Jiran series and playing the role of Siavash, has once again appeared in a home show.

Cinematography director: Ali Tabrizi, editor: Ginous Pedram, stage designer: Saeed Hasanlou, music: Bammad Afshar, sound design and composition: Hossein Ghorchian, production manager: Mojtabi Berhanizadeh

Make-up designer: Mona Jafari, production of credits and visual effects: Amir Valikhani, planning manager: Katayoun Derakhshan, stage secretary: Maede Rafiei and photographer: Kimia Pourahmad.

Akbar Tadariyan is one of the producers with a history of television and cinema, who has produced series such as maybe it will happen to you, and he has been in charge of series about destiny.

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