Palto shotori

Palto shotori

“If you are enemies, why do you jump together so much? If you love, why are you jumping so much?”

Director and writer: Mehdi Ali Mirzaei

Producer: Majid Sheikh Ansari – Genre: comedy

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Make-up designer: Abbas Abbasi Editor: Mohammad Najarian Stage secretary: Zahra Haarghi Photographer: Afra Shahbazzadeh Director of procurement: Mohammad Ebrahimi Poster: Mohammad Rohul-Amin

Production manager: Sajjad Rahimi, programming manager, first assistant director: Hamed Mokhtari, director of photography: Massoud Amini Tirani, sound engineer: Masih Siraj, set and costume designer: Hossein Payam Souri.

From Kohyar’s parents to the crowd at the cafe. Consider this recent congregation, which probably was supposed to produce something similar to Nematullah’s “Bipuli” movie.

Paleto Shetri Pikan has directed his criticism towards the pseudo-intellectual middle class, a class that has occupied a special place in the cultural and political events of the society during the past few decades;

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