Sharik jorm 02

Sharik jorm 02 Mitra is a famous lawyer who one day a crime happens in his office. Therefore, he is forced to start an investigation about one of his clients to defend himself, and in

Pikolo 22

Pikolo 22 Piccolo is a magical island that attracts a creature every once in a while, one day Piki is pulled into the clouds while paragliding and falls on Piccolo. After the fall, the people

Daftar yaddasht 04

Daftar yaddasht 04 Iraj and Hamid, old friends since childhood, have a headache for pursuing criminal cases, their foot is inadvertently opened to the case of serial murders…

Bi madar

Bi madar The synopsis of the story reads: “Man does not gain anything unless he loses something…” The movie about surrogacy

Pedargurdioola fasle 2 ghesmate 7

Pedargurdioola fasle 2 ghesmate 7 It is about a man named Buick, who knows the way to save himself by returning to his family; He was an old footballer and made mistakes in his life.

Mage Tamume Omr Chandta Bahare 23

Mage Tamume Omr Chandta Bahare 23 The peaceful life of the members of the Rabbani family undergoes transformations with the unwanted entry of a snake, the discovery of an exquisite manuscript and a mysterious hole…

Saye baz 08 ghesmate akhar

Saye baz 08 ghesmate akhar Barzo Shams, a successful businessman and tower builder, meets his old friend on the night of his only grandson’s naming ceremony. Now, this meeting reveals Barzo’s past life and changes

Mordab E10

Mordab E10 Mardab is a family, mystery, drama, social and exciting series directed by Barzo Niknejad and produced in 1402..

Neysan abi2 gh 03

Neysan abi2 gh 03 The story of two old friends who once fell in love with two sisters named Zari and Pari and married them. Jamshid is infatuated with Jamshid Hashempour and his blue Nissan;


Namoor “Painting the swamp from my life, muddy and tiger…” The film is about complex human relationships in a family.