Romantism emado tooba

April 4, 2024 admin 0

Romantism emado tooba When fate brought Emad and Touba face to face for the first time, they both knew very well that love is more […]

Zanboore kargar

March 7, 2024 admin 0

Zanboore kargar After a man named Buick is killed during a fight at a gas station, Buick’s daughter Inji seeks revenge on the killer in […]

Hodoode 8 sobh

March 6, 2024 admin 0

Hodoode 8 sobh Amir and Darya are a young couple who live a prosperous and peaceful life, until a text message from a stranger disturbs […]

Royaye kaghazi

February 26, 2024 admin 0

Royaye kaghazi Yasi, a young girl who works in a sewing workshop, meets Zal, a young man. He sets up a page on Instagram for […]

Moghiman nakoja abad

February 22, 2024 admin 0

Moghiman nakoja abad A prosperous young man, but tired of life, one night on his way back home, he ends up in a strange and […]


February 21, 2024 admin 0

Zed Saeed, a 30-year-old man, is one of the security forces of the Islamic Republic Party. After being wounded, in the story of Tehran University […]


February 18, 2024 admin 0

Nargesi The story narrates the life of a young man named Hossein who is suffering from Down syndrome, but his greatest desire is to find […]

Shab dakheli divar

February 17, 2024 admin 0

Shab dakheli divar Ali, a blind man, is about to commit suicide and is stopped by the doorman of his building. He is informed that […]

Bad az raftan

February 8, 2024 admin 0

Bad az raftan Samad works in boxing in Iran and is unsuccessful and has only one bronze medal, but he is demanding and forceful, he […]


January 18, 2024 admin 0

Hook It is the story of two brothers from Sistan and Baluchistan who enter the field of boxing to realize their dreams and face many […]