Rooze sheshom

June 11, 2024 admin 0

Rooze sheshom A prisoner named Ahmed, who has only five days to find the answer to several riddles in order to survive, some of the […]

temsah khooni

June 1, 2024 admin 0

temsah khooni I am a crocodile, a bloody crocodile! A wounded person who has lost his whole life and has nothing to lose…


May 16, 2024 admin 0

Ahoo A romantic story about the life of a girl who is despaired by everyday life and the presence of different people in her life […]


May 15, 2024 admin 0

AMEPASAND A middle-aged housewife on the verge of sixty years old, when she finds out that her husband has betrayed her in a humiliating way, […]


May 8, 2024 admin 0

Hawaie Samad works in boxing in Iran and is unsuccessful and has only one bronze medal, but he is demanding and forceful, he goes to […]

Negahbane shab

April 30, 2024 admin 0

Negahbane shab A village worker named Rasool has no choice but to stand on the side of the street and find daily work in the […]

Akharin tavalode

April 29, 2024 admin 0

Akharin tavalode The story of the film “The Last Birthday” begins when the Taliban have returned to power. In the city of Kabul, which is […]

Vilaye salehi

April 19, 2024 admin 0

Vilaye salehi It tells the story of a village family who are supposed to take care of a villa for 6 months as caretakers. Chavosh […]


April 19, 2024 admin 0

Gijgah Mehtab lives with her 10-year-old son. Their acquaintance with Hassan Khoshnoud changes the course of their lives…

Romantism emado tooba

April 4, 2024 admin 0

Romantism emado tooba When fate brought Emad and Touba face to face for the first time, they both knew very well that love is more […]