Daftar yadasht 1

Daftar yadasht 1

Iraj and Hamid, old friends since childhood, have a headache for pursuing criminal cases, their foot is inadvertently opened to the case of serial murders…

Director: Kiaresh Asadizadeh
Author: Masoud Khakbaz

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Stage Secretary: Neda Qaidi Visual Effects: Beta Ethical Field Effects: Arash Agha Bey Procurement Manager: Sajjad Nouri Color Correction: Farbad Jalali Photographer: Korosh Javan Announcer: Masoud Rafizadeh

The notebook series is Reza Attaran’s first appearance in the era of platforms; After more than a decade, Reza Attaran is finally returning to the home show network with the comedy series Notebook;

He appeared in front of the camera in the notebook series with a different make-up, for the first time it was revealed in the form of a poster and a controversial video shot of Attaran’s make-up in this series, which was met with strong protests from a range of society.

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