Dastan dastandaz

Dastan dastandaz

In the film, Raha, who is interested in writing, brings her last story with her dreams…

Director: Kamal Tabrizi

Screenplay: Farzad Fakhrizadeh Genre: Comedy

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In his films of the last two decades, Kamal Tabrizi has achieved a fixed formula that seems to have worked. A kind of humor that is both absurd and not

It is both a black comedy and has nothing to do with it. In the creation of stylized space and separated from everyday life, which both softens the poison of humor and can be generalized to all history and geography and probably has less conflict with audit.

Costume Designer: Meshkin Mehrgan, Makeup Designer: Mehrdad Mirkiani, Sound Director: Abbas Rostgarpour, Sound Design, Sound Mixing: Mohammad Reza Delpak


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