Mage Tamoome Omr Chandta Baharae 11

Mage Tamoome Omr Chandta Baharae 11

Director and writer: Soroush Sahat

Producer: Mohammad Reza Takht Keshian

Genre: comedy, family

Now, Soroush Sahet should be considered among the directors whose films and series he made (especially after the Bachelor series), despite their outer shell, which is a comedy, have bitter and stinging content;

Whether it was when he made Bachelors, which was about a couple of unemployed youths, or when he directed the film Jahan Ba Man Baraks, which presented a bitter theme like death to its audience with a humorous language.

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The dominant feature of Soroush Sahet’s recent works as a director is the hearty sweetness of his recent works, which, although they do not cause loud laughs like conventional comedy films and series, but at the same time, they bring continuous faint laughter to the audience throughout the minutes of the film and series;

This feature has caused the late works of this director to not have the expiration date of the dominant so-called comedy films, and the audience, when revisiting his works, will still experience a faint smile as when seeing such works for the first time, which is considered a great blessing.

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