Parvaneh owns a perfumery in a neighborhood in the suburbs of Tehran and has a poor family. His father was imprisoned for stealing from a neighbor and his brother Iman is wanted for complicity with his father. Farhad, who is Parvaneh’s father’s partner, communicates with him from time to time for his father’s work and…

Director: Omid Shams
Producer: Amir Banan

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

A restless romance. Of course, the name of the movie, apart from the fact that it is not very attractive and does not tempt the mind to watch it, also gives a wrong address to the audience about its mood.
However, we will understand in time what kind of title the director has chosen for his first feature film
The main strength of the filmmaker is his success in creating the romantic chemistry between the two main characters and especially portraying this atmosphere in two or three brilliant sequences in the prison.

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