Pikolo 14

Pikolo 14

Piccolo is a magical island that attracts a creature every once in a while, one day Piki is pulled into the clouds while paragliding and falls on Piccolo. After the fall, the people of Piccolo find him and officially consider him a citizen of Piccolo…

Director and writer: Ali Ahmadi

Genre: Children and teenagers

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Production Manager: Shahab Ali Bakshi Editing: Amin Salmani Music: Pouria Heydari Visual Effects Designer: Farid Nazer Fasihi Sound Recording Manager: Ali Ghasemi

Sound design, sound composition: Amin Sharifi, make-up designer: Mohammad Reza Mirbagheri, decor and arrangement design: Farnoosh Rizvani and Bahman Zarbakhsh

Costume designer: Nasrin Khorrami Puppet consultant: Shima Arab Field special effects designer: Iman Kermian Planner: Mehrnoosh Hosseini

Advertising Manager: Milad Kiaei, animation director: Ramin Karmi

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