Davinchiz 14 (ghesmate akhar)

Davinchiz 14

Parviz and Maliha are a husband and wife who work in a museum in Tehran. One night, while the couple is busy with their duties, an unexpected event happens that puts them at a crossroads and can change their lives forever.

Director: Afshin Hashemi

Genre: Comedy

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Producer: Mehdi Moniri


Afshin Hashemi is an Iranian director, screenwriter, film, theater, television actor and musician. Hashemi has a degree in chemical engineering from Abadan Oil Industry University (1377) and a master’s degree in directing from the Faculty of Cinema and Theater, University of Arts (1386).


He is also a fiddle player and has performed in this field in different halls. The movies Temporary Passage and Slow Sound are among his creations;


The Da Vinci series, based on a story by Arian Golsurat, is an attractive, different and exciting comedy;

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