Gonnaahe freshteh 5

Gonnaahe freshteh 5

Fire is not a bad thing, it burns the excess, something that remains will remain!

Director and producer: Hamed Angha

Genre: Drama, Romance

Music: Sattar Uraki, sound design, sound composition: Hossein Abolsadegh

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Shahab Hosseini is the chosen actor in the home show. After playing in the Shahrazad series, he focused on cinema for a few years, and by playing the role of Major Meshkat in the “Lionskin” series, he showed his acting skills again.

Make-up designer: Mehrdad Mirkiani, head of the directing group: Ehsan Sajjadi Hosseini, planning director: Majidreza Fazeli, stage secretary: Alireza Farahzadi

Hosseini’s acting characteristics are remarkable because in every role he appears, he completely takes the dimensions and coordinates of that role as his own.

Paying attention to details and critical look in acting and finding a cause and effect relationship between what he plays and what he received has made his acting career full of lasting roles.

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