It is the story of two brothers from Sistan and Baluchistan who enter the field of boxing to realize their dreams and face many difficulties along the way…

Genre: Drama, sports – Producer: Ali Ashtianipour

Director: Hossein Rigi – Author: Mehdi Tarab Begi

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

In a general analysis, “Hook” has two parts. The first half is about Shirhan’s childhood and his intimate relationship with the older Vector, and the second half is after the time jump and Shirhan’s growth. At the beginning of the first half of the film, everything is good, the story is well told;

The character of two brothers is being formed and the audience witnesses a pure and beautiful brotherly relationship. Shirhan, who lost his father in the sea, goes to the beach with his older brother every day and practices breathing in the sea

Beautiful and eye-catching frames from the nature of Chabahar and Sistan and Baluchistan province have been depicted, which are not only for beauty, but also have a function.

Alireza Jafari played the role of Mirhan relatively well. Shiro’s childhood actor is also a talented boy and one of the best performances in the movie belongs to him.

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