Rooze sheshom

Rooze sheshom

A prisoner named Ahmed, who has only five days to find the answer to several riddles in order to survive, some of the events happened in the past, without clarifying them, he will not find an answer to today’s problems. If Ahmed does not succeed, he will be killed on the sixth day.

Director and writer: Hojjat Qasimzadeh Asl

Producer: Rahman Seifi Azad – Genre: Criminal, mysterious

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

In the cinema, next to the story and text narration and dialogues, it is the visualization of the situations that is important. Day 6 doesn’t have these features for any reason and visually resembles a TV movie

Composer: Ariana Ghasemzadeh Original Editor: Parham Vafaei First Assistant Director: Hossein Khazoui Stage Secretary: Laden Rahmati Production Manager: Majid Karimi Photographer: Mohammad Hassan Hendi

The film is thought provoking. Because he tries to tell a story, not to be flat, to have story twists and his riddles to grip the audience.

Project Manager: Hossein Rameh Director of Photography: Alireza Barazandeh Set and Costume Designer: Aydin Zarif Sound Director: Amir Nobakht Haghighi Makeup Designer: Abdullah Eskandari Sound Design, Sound Mixing: Alireza Alavian

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