Sedato fasle 2 gh 3

Sedato fasle 2 gh 3

Sedato Competition  directed and produced by Hamed Javadzadeh, is the title of the newest non-fiction project that is published with a musical-mystery and entertainment aspect.

Hamed Javadzadeh

Moderator: Mohsen Kiaei

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online


But the different face of this program is Mohsen Kiai, who as the host of “Sadato” takes on his first performance experience. He, who was present with Begnaeh series last year, now faces the audience with a noticeable face change and a new experience.


In the first season of this competition, Sedato’s group of helpers consists of well-known faces such as Shabnam Moghadami, Mohammad Bahrani, Mohsen Sharifian and Amir Mehdi Johle. This group is called the group of helpers and unlike other music competitions, it is not a jury. They are supposed to guide and help Sedato participants in this competition.

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