Shab dakheli divar

Shab dakheli divar

Ali, a blind man, is about to commit suicide and is stopped by the doorman of his building. He is informed that the police are looking for a woman who has escaped and is hiding somewhere in the building. Ali gradually realizes that Laila is the fugitive woman inside his apartment. After participating in a workers’ protest that led to chaos, Leila is anxious and worried about her 4-year-old son, who went missing while taking him to the police van. Little by little, Ali becomes emotionally attached to Leila..

Director and writer: Vahid Jalilund

Producer: Ali Jalilund – Genre: political, social

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Form in social cinema is an important element that, unfortunately, has become a victim of content in all these years, and the directors preferred to focus on the subject and pay content instead of entering into functionalist and artistic forms.

In such an approach, the audience also witnesses a straightforward story with a generally inflammatory and thought-provoking subject, which rests entirely on the content, and there is no strange idiocy in the work.

Vahid Jalilund’s third movie is Form. Formic rules are well spelled out in the layers of the work and it is not like this form shows itself only in the editing form. In such a way that its story cannot be told in a linear way at all, and this is a big advantage

This performance is one of the main advantages of the film, that despite its time failure, the story does not lead to ambiguity in the audience, or a proper engineering, can pull out the human soul from the heart of a crisis and spiritual turmoil, romance and hadith, which goes well with any An angular look is visible and touchable.

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