Heysiate Gomshode 09 – Akhar

Heysiate Gomshode 09 – Akhar

The water, color, and image of the series are standard and warm, and this means that Pahlavanzadeh, thanks to his previous experience in editing and production, and of course directing, as well as thanks to the presence of the cinematographer, editor, set designer, costume designer, and special effects, and… the production team And Beled’s technical skills have taken a more serious step in directing.

Director: Sajjad Pahlavanzadeh

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

The sum of the ideas and situations that are going on in the series could easily be a very slow and low-selling work in terms of the length of time of each episode or the number of episodes in the context of most other series;

But in the dignity, there is no attempt to take advantage of the few situations and moments to kill time and become more flexible; This in itself is a positive point.

The interesting thing to note is Mehdi Hosseininia’s transformation into an actress who is now established in the image, with her own special image; the characteristics of which he himself and his representative.

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