Khaen Koshi 03

Khaen Koshi 03

A group wants to rob the National Bank. On the day when there is going to be an eclipse in the afternoon and Tehran is going to be in the day, it will be night and it will be back to day again. Mehdi, Shahrokh, Giv, Atlas are apparent bank robbers, but they want this money for Dr. Mossadegh’s national loan…

Writer and director: Masoud Kimiaei

Genre: Drama, Crime

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Even though Kimiaei was appreciated in his youth and sat at the top, in some ways he didn’t get lucky. especially after the revolution; His first film, which is considered one of his best works, was banned at the very beginning and had a very bad effect on him;

Maybe if that ban didn’t happen, the course of al-Khimai’s filmmaking after the revolution would have changed completely; After that, he did not stop the unnecessary interference of the guided and supportive cinema; The bad release of his movies.

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