Mage Tamoome Omr Chandta Baharae 12

Mage Tamoome Omr Chandta Baharae 12

The peaceful life of the members of the Rabbani family undergoes transformations with the unwanted entry of a snake, the discovery of an exquisite manuscript and a mysterious hole…

Director and writer: Soroush Sahat

Genre: comedy, family

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Soroush Sahet, who has a history of making comedy series on TV, went for a different comedy in his first experience of making serials in a home show and made the series Mage Tamum Omer Chanda Bahareh, produced by Mohammad Reza Takhtkashian.

The composition of the actors of the series shows that our tasteful director does not have much faith in the conventional actors of comedy series and movies, and he can benefit from the different presence of some prominent figures of cinema and television; Soroush Sehat has a history of appearing in series and cinema since the 70s.

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