In the early 60s, the son of one of the country’s high-ranking officials commits a murder in one of the conflicts in front of Tehran University, but the family ties and the country’s political expediency bring this suspicious and mysterious case into a complicated and difficult balance…

Director: Hossein Darabi
Producer: Mohammad Reza Shafa

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Visual special effects: Amin Pehlvanzadeh Procurement manager: Faramarz Rezaei, Hossein Lanjabi Photographer: Omid Salehi Field special effects: Iman Kermian Stunt designer: Amirhossein Khanjari
History has always been a good source of adaptation for cinema, because dealing with the stories of the past is a good opportunity to have an indirect look at today’s situation; This can be the main reason for the boom in films about contemporary history in recent years;

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