Mehmouni2 E26 -bigane banafshekhah

Mehmouni2 E26 -bigane banafshekhah


The party is a fun and conversation-oriented program in which Iraj Tahmasab, along with cute and lovely dolls, hosts familiar faces in the fields of art and sports..

Performed by: Iraj Tahmasab

Voice of the pioneers: Hoten Shakiba, Kazem Sayahi, Bahadur Maliki, Sohail Mostajabian, Ela Emami, Amir Adib, Nazanin Shabani.

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

The group of authors of this series is Ahmed Fayaz, Roja Behbahani, Ali Zarmehri and Paniz Zanganeh. With the release of the news of Mahmouni’s return, even before the release of the first episode of the second season, a quiet debate between supporters and opponents of this return took place on social networks at this point in time;

Pros and cons, whose argument was not about the success or failure of this series, but about the social consequences of this return in this time frame;
But most of the ambiguous jokes of these works, both in terms of choice of idea and execution, can be understood by adults, not children; The quiet controversy, however, turned into a media storm shortly after the release of the first episodes of the second season! An idea that was formed by taking the infinitive in the language.

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