Pedarguardiola 07

Pedarguardiola 07

It is about a man named Buick, who knows the way to save himself by returning to his family; He was an old footballer and made mistakes in his life.

Director and writer: Saeed Nematulla

Producer: Javad Norouzbeigi

Genre: Social, Drama

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Saeed Nematollah’s career in Iranian cinema and television began in 2006 with the writing of the movie Havali Autoban.

Editing: Imad Khodabakhsh Music: Afshin Azizi Stage Secretary: Reza Baghai Photographer: Samira Bakhtiari Backstage: Amir Turki Procurement Manager: Mohammad Mohammadnia

It is interesting to know that Arash Adel Parvar (known as Arash AP) co-starred with Mehran Madari in the series Guardiola’s father. Masih and Arash Adelparvar are an Iranian music group in the style of pop, R&B and rap.

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