Shabhaye Mafia Zodyak 06

Shabhaye Mafia Zodyak 06

This series is produced in Iran and in the game show and family genre. is a fascinating game show in which a serial killer named “Zodiac” targets the citizens and mafia of Sicily. In this program, Mohammad Bahrani is the host of the game. Shab haye Mafia with the name Zodiac is different from the previous seasons and the good news is that this time the audience can also participate in this game and predict the stages of the game during the broadcast of this game show.

Director: Mohammad Reza Rezaiyan

Moderator: Mohammad Bahrani

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Actors of this group: Behrang Alavi, Helia Emami, Mehran Ghafourian, Javad Khaibani, Nasim Abdi, Kaveh Afaq, Mohammad Delavari, Mojtaba Shafiei, Hamid Asgari, Hadis Foladvand, Maryam Momin and Pazhman Bazghi.

In 1930 the first Iranian silent film was made by Professor Ovanes Ohanian called Abi and Rabi. In 1933 he made his second film titled Haji Agha. Later that year, Abdolhossein Sepanta made the first Iranian sound film, entitled Lor Girl, which was released in 1933 in two Tehran cinemas, Mayak and Sepah. The story of the film was based on a comparison between the state of security in Iran at the end of the Qajar dynasty and during Reza Shah period. Sepanta would go on to direct movies such as Ferdowsi (the life story of the most celebrated epic poet of Iran), Shirin and Farhad (a classic Iranian love story), and Black Eyes (the story of Nader Shah’s invasion of India). In 1937, he directed Laili and Majnoon, an Eastern love story similar to the English story of Romeo and Juliet. The present day Iranian film industry owes much of its progress to two industrious personalities, Esmail Koushan and Farrokh Ghaffari. By establishing the first National Iranian Film Society in 1949 at the Iran Bastan Museum and organizing the first Film Week during which English films were exhibited, Ghaffari laid the foundation for alternative and non-commercial films in Iran. Early Persian directors like Abdolhossein Sepanta and Esmail Koushan took advantage of the richness of Persian literature and ancient Persian mythology. In their work, they emphasized ethics and humanity.

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