Tntt 21 – Abdolah Rava o Amir kazemi

Tntt 21 – Abdolah Rava o Amir kazemi

A reality show, family and competition series that was produced in 1401 and published in Nowruz 1402; Hamed is a popular and very funny comedian who has created happy memories for all of us and has brought joy and happiness wherever he has been.

Director: Hamed Anghi

Performed by: Hamed Anghi

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

One of the reasons for the success of this program in attracting the attention of the audience, even before the broadcast of the program, is the presence of Hamed, a song that has remained in people’s minds with his funny performance in the joker comedy reality show, as well as his previous program, “Shab Angai” and it seems that in this program He was successful and managed to attract a large audience to watch his attractive performance.

Now he has directed and performed the TNT program this time; The TNT program is an attractive show where we see both good conversations and new competitions; As mentioned, this show has no domestic equivalent; TNT program is an opportunity to laugh and follow an exciting competition with family and friends;

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