A romantic story about the life of a girl who is despaired by everyday life and the presence of different people in her life brings her out of this mood.

Director and writer: Hoshang Golmakani

Producer: Javad Norouzbeigi – Genre: drama

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

With the voice of: Naveed Mohammadzadeh, Substitute Producer: Saeed Marvatpour, Director’s Advisor: Saman Salour, Director of Programming, First Assistant Director: Adel Masoomian, Director of Photography: Alireza Zarin, Director of Cinematography: Reza Nowrozi.


Production manager: Majid Babaei Deputy producer: Arash Najafi Project manager: Qaseida Golmakani Editor: Emad Khodabakhsh Sound engineer: Babak Akhwan Set designer: Saeed Ahangarani


Costume designer: Sana Norouzbeighi, makeup designer: Mohsen Darsanj, sound engineer: Faramarz Abolsadegh, computer special effects: Amir Mehran, photographer: Habib Majidi


“Aho” is one of those movies that the writer likes to keep on a shelf at home along with the lovely movies of our colleague Safi Yazdanian and watch it many times.

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