A middle-aged housewife on the verge of sixty years old, when she finds out that her husband has betrayed her in a humiliating way, she decides to change her lifestyle by returning to her hometown, but her changes are not very popular and approved by the people…

Director and writer: Sohail Biraghi

Producer: Sohail Biraghi – Genre: Social

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online


Fahima is a middle-aged woman who has spent twenty-eight of the best years of her life with her husband and child, and after the separation, she plans to prove to herself and others that she is not just a housewife and can stand on her own feet.


Director of cinematography: Hossein Jafarian Editing: Haydeh Safi Yari Music: Kristof Rezaei Makeup designer: Mehrdad Mirkiani, Roksana Nikpour


Sound Design, Sound Mixing: Ansieh Maleki First Assistant Director, Programmer: Omid Shirangiz Set Designer: Abdol Wahab Yahiizadeh Project Manager: Majid Karimi


The main problem of many critics in criticizing the movie “People Friendly” comes from its reactionary approach, but it must be accepted that the problem goes beyond the filmmaker’s point of view, the product of the ruling view of social cinema and beyond that the worldview ruling the intellectual society all these years. have been.

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