Zanboore kargar

Zanboore kargar

After a man named Buick is killed during a fight at a gas station, Buick’s daughter Inji seeks revenge on the killer in order not to let her father’s blood be trampled on. But the intervention of the killer’s family to change the course of the case causes events to happen and…

Genre: Social – Author: Saeed Nematullah

Director and producer: Afshin Sadeghi


Danlod Va Pakhshe Online


Production Assistant: Amir Hossein Kalhor Production Assistant: Majid Sadeghi Behind the Scenes: Ali Yaqoubi Artist Manager: Elnaz Atai Media Consultant: Hadi Etamadi Majd

The story of the film starts twenty years ago and an incident in the past affects people’s judgment about the death of a character;

Computer Effects: Farid Nazer Fasihi Sound: Amin Sharifi, Babak Shakiba Photographer: Tara Qanawatizadeh, Esrafil Ghasemi Procurement Manager: Ramin Behzadi, Ismail Hosni

Special visual effects: Farid Nazer Fasihi, writer’s assistant: Vahid Afsik, director of planning, assistant director: Farzad Rahmani, first assistant director: Vahid Afsik

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