Hodoode 8 sobh

Hodoode 8 sobh

Amir and Darya are a young couple who live a prosperous and peaceful life, until a text message from a stranger disturbs their peace. Amir, who finds out that his wife Darya has betrayed him, makes a date with a stranger and…

Genre: social – Producer: Manouchehr Hadi

Director and writer: Manouchehr Hadi

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This movie is not recommended for watching with family or younger age group due to the presence of abnormalities, inflammatory atmosphere of the story and blatant violence.


But if according to the discretion of the parents, the teenage child watches this movie, it is better to talk to each other about patience, trust and anger control after watching the movie.


Around 8:00 AM, it is a social film based on a true story. Manouchehr Hadi is in this film as an actor opposite Yekta Nasser and has distanced himself from his comedy films by dealing with social inflammations.


What made Amir lose his trust in the sea? What was the reason for Amir’s death? Was Amir to blame for this incident (murder) or Reza? Who did Reza send a message to?


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