Shabahangi fasle 3 gh 5

Shabahangi fasle 3 gh 5

The evening program started its broadcast in the form of a comedy talk show; The presence of such a program with a humorous structure that jokes with the guests was strongly felt among the programs of the platforms.

Director and host: Hamed Anghi

Genre: Reality show , competition – Producer: Mohammad Reza Saberi

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The funny stop in a period of time and the end of the period talk show on TV, which were made with a similar structure for the entertainment of the audience, put a song in the center of attention with the comedy and jokes it brought;


Anghii started his performance in the beginning of the nineties in live programs and famous stages of Kish Island and became famous by appearing in the Khandaune program as a stand-up comedian.


In the market of competition between Pejman Jamshidi and Shahab Hosseini, he entered the talk show arena while he was not well known


Of course, he had Mehdi Mazloumi as a television director by his side, who was one of the most prolific television directors many years ago, and this cooperation was able to benefit Hamed Anghi’s program.

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