Neysan abi2 gh 09

Neysan abi2 gh 09

The story of two old friends who once fell in love with two sisters named Zari and Pari and married them. Jamshid is infatuated with Jamshid Hashempour and his blue Nissan; Reza also loves poetry

Director: Masoud Atyabi

Producer: Ehsan Zalipour

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Production Manager: Massoud Zamani Director of Photography: Afshin Alizadeh Editor: Siamak Mehmandoost Planner: Narges Meshaikhi Stage Secretary: Farishte Hosseini First Assistant Director: Mohammad Davoudi Kia

It is a comedy series, the first season of which was produced and released under the direction of Manouchehr Hadi, and now in the second season, Massoud Atyabi has taken over the responsibility of directing.

3 years have passed! Mammadchakhan finally got married; Jamshid, Reza Khorsand, Reza Sosan, Zari, Pari, Alamtaj and Sarhang, in short, the whole of Shakarabad had gathered to eat Mamed’s wedding dinner, but not only did the dinner not reach anyone, but something happened that made them all forget their hunger.

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