It is about a young man who is interested in acting, who is accepted in the audition of a big movie, and in order to join this project and achieve his dream of becoming an actor, he must accept the special conditions and mental and psychological exercises of the cast in an isolated town…

Genre: Drama, Social – Producer: Ali Sartipi

Writer and director: Ali Hazrati

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Ali Hazrati started directing in 2015 by making a short film called “Saatsaz” and in 2018, he directed the movie “Sazhai Nakok”.

This film has been one of the most difficult experiences in the artistic career of these actors; Whether those who played the main roles or those who had secondary roles; The reason for this issue is the paradoxical situation they face in the “town”;

In fact, cinema audiences will be faced with a different and modern work, and this film covers a wide range of audiences; Because it is a multi-layered and multifaceted film and any audience from any category can relate to this work.

The technical dimension is very important in this film and the director has tried to do something new and new which is not similar in the cinema or if it has happened very little.

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