Ahange do nafare

Ahange do nafare

The story is about a regular singer named Ilya who, despite his 10-year contract, cannot sing for a while, and in this regard, he meets a person named Pasha, who is supposed to replace him. At first, with the replacement of Pasha, the order of Ilya’s life is disturbed, but gradually they get along with each other and create other events together.

Genre: Comedy – Director: Arzoo Arranesh

Producer: Javad Norouzbeigi

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The script of this movie was written by Mustafa Zandi based on an initial design by Saman Samani. The first experience of making a movie is Arzoo Arzhan

Director’s consultant: Massoud Atyabi, head of the director’s group: Manfard Ismaili, assistant director: Raham Makhdoumi, stage secretary: Parisa Tajuddin, production manager: Amirhossein Norouzbeigi

The hero of the story is a singer from the rich class of society who, in the last days of his contract with the programmer, accidentally encounters a person who earns money through extortion and blackmail.

Composer: Amir Tausli, Editor: Sohrab Khosravi, Sound Recorder: Abbas Rostgarpour, Sound Designer: Arash Ghasemi, Makeup Designer: Sudabah Khosravi, Costume Designer: Sana Norouzbeigi.

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