Kote Charmi

kote charimi

Issa Farahmand, an inspection employee of the Welfare Organization, during a visit to a care center for street girls, notices a suspected corruption gang that leads him to a forbidden underground party; leather jacket party…

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Director: Hossein Mirzamohammadi – Screenplay: Masoud Hashemi Nejad

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

First Assistant Director: Alireza Hashemi Special Visual Effects Designer: Amin Pahlvanzadeh Production Deputy: Faramarz Rezaei Production Assistant: Saeed Reza Sahibi

The inflammatory and bold theme that has set the stage in the way of narrating the world of the director goes right and the closures on the paper are well formed and it is considered a positive step for a first time filmmaker.

Procurement Manager: Mohsen Maqareh Abid Stage Secretary: Gol Kushan Photographer: Omid Salehi Public Relations: Atiye Mozen Poster Design: Mohammad Shakiba

The first film of any director is considered the most important cinematic work of its creator, and in today’s cinema, which is shedding its skin, new talents are blooming and taking shape. It is considered an important achievement for the filmmaker to be able to narrate the reality of his society and place his camera in the right place.

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