“Painting the swamp from my life, muddy and tiger…” The film is about complex human relationships in a family.

Director: Dawood Bidel

Author: Noushin Mearaji – Genre: Drama

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

“Nemur” is David Biddle’s second film after “Love and Betrayal”, which has a family story and is based on an old family dispute. The fight between the older vector and his sister, who is now going to be in a decoding, will be accompanied by a surprise.

The main character of the drama, Delaram, is the sister of the family, whose story revolves around her life and her illness. The anti-hero of the story is Daoud, his older brother

Stage secretary: Somia Shahrabi, editor: Mohammad Hossam Lovafzadeh, sound engineer: Erfan Ebrahim, color and light correction and special computer effects: Ali Attari

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