Akharin tavalode

Akharin tavalode

The story of the film “The Last Birthday” begins when the Taliban have returned to power. In the city of Kabul, which is full of worry and fear, Mohammad, the father of the family, tries to maintain his normal life in the era where the Taliban rule.

Director and writer: Navid Mahmoudi

Producer: Jamshid Mahmoudi – Genre: Drama, romance

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Make-up artist: Mahmoud Dehghani, first assistant director, scheduler: Mehrdad Nejad, stage manager: Faeze Gerkani, photographer: Fattah Zhi Nouri, poster designer: Maitham Mirzaei, logo designer: Mohammad Mohdnia

Navid Mahmoudi, who previously made various works about his country, this time tried to portray the complete capture of Afghanistan by the Taliban by creating an emotional atmosphere, but the film suffers from many technical deficiencies.

Mahmoudi is more than able to advance his narrative in a cinematic form in the context of an incident drama away from elementary sentimentalism, he is hidden behind long plans and in parallel with baseless dialogues.

Cinematography director: Mehran Mamdouh Sound director: Mansour Shahbazi Sound engineer: Hossein Ghorchian Composer: Sahand Mehdizadeh Costume designer: Lida Soltani Set designer: Saeed Special effects instructor: Nasser Fasihi Editor: Nima Jafari Jozani

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