Moghiman nakoja abad

Moghiman nakoja abad

A prosperous young man, but tired of life, one night on his way back home, he ends up in a strange and alien place. Over time, after getting to know the residents there, he realizes the reality of that place and becomes aware of deep truths…

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Director, writer and producer: Shahab Hosseini

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

It depicts the story of several people being somewhere between two worlds due to an accident; The main character of this story, whose name is Julien, did not believe in existence at first, and he thought that the people around him, as well as the objects and the world around him, were not real.

This uncertainty turns into certainty with the passage of time and his placement in a place between two worlds, as well as the touch of true love to a girl named Laura.

Editing: Shahab Hosseini, Shahram Ebrahimi Production Manager: Shahram Zahedi Set Designer: Payam Eskandari, Shahab Hosseini Makeup Designer: Seyed Jalal Mousavi

Costume designer: Zhale Zakizadeh, sound operator: Mohammad Mokhtari, sound engineer: Hossein Ghorchian, programmer: Alireza Nesaei, assistant director: Hossein Irji, stage secretary: Ruhvandi Shams.

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