Samad works in boxing in Iran and is unsuccessful and has only one bronze medal, but he is demanding and forceful, he goes to Hong Kong and becomes a refugee with the help of his old friend Dawood.

Director: Bahman Guderzai – Screenplay: Arash Qadri

Producer: Morteza Shaisteh – Genre: Comedy

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online


Hawaii is a comedy film with the theme of asylum; It is the story of an Iranian athlete who wants to go under the burden of immigration and asylum in another country for his progress, but from one place to the next, he gets involved in a story that turns him into a virtual celebrity, and now the story turns out differently for him;


The comedy movie Hawaii is supposed to end the four-year absence of Amin Hayai from the cinema screen, the last movie with his role on the screen dates back to 2018;


The filmmaker has used Sassy Manneken’s music several times in his film, which is a good example of Hawaii’s coolness. The insistence on showing women dancing in the film shows that Hawaii has nothing to say and is counting on these things to be seen.


Reyhane Parsa, a popular television and cinema actress who has emigrated from Iran, is also one of the notable events of this film.


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