Shahre hert

Shahre hert

It tells the story of a brother and sister named “Parviz” and “Swallow” who earn their living by robbing rich families. By renting a hearse, Parvez goes to the house of the rich dead and by giving their address to his sister Presto, he prepares the conditions for fraud and…

Genre: Comedy – Director: Karim Amini

Producer: Mohammad Hossein Farahbakhsh

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Edited by: Mastane Mohajer Sound design and composition: Hossein Abolsadegh Music: Mohammad Ahmadi Sound operator: Sohail Mottoli Costume designer: Mozhgan Ayozhi Set designer: Saeed Artman

Abbas Qadri, an old singer, performed in this film, which is the first time after the revolution and can attract the singer’s fans to the cinemas.

Planning Manager: Zahra Haarghi Photographer: Abbas Baghdadi Singer: Abbas Qadri Production Manager: Mohammad Reza Ezzatkhani

The subject of the film is also one of the things that can help to attract the audience and, of course, their satisfaction: this film presents a satirical behind-the-scenes look at the lives of embezzlers who sacrifice everyone to achieve their personal goals.

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