Sharik jorm 07

Sharik jorm 07

Mitra is a famous lawyer who one day a crime happens in his office. Therefore, he is forced to start an investigation about one of his clients to defend himself, and in this way he faces problems that even endanger his job.

Director: Maziar Miri Genre: Drama, Crime

Producer: Homayun Asadian

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Homayoun Asadian and Maziar Miri, after working together in several films, in 1400, they started producing a series titled Eclipse for broadcast.

They took a different path in the production of this series and instead of inviting movie stars, they entrusted their main roles to a number of young and lesser-known actors and left other roles to veteran and theater actors.

After this successful experience, they have released another series ready for broadcast; Their new series is a crime mystery drama called Accomplice.

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