It narrates the adventures of several uninvited guests in a hotel on Kish Island. A few men and women enter a hotel, meet each other by chance and create comedy adventures…

Genre: Comedy – Director: Masoud Atyabi

Producer: Mohammad Shaiste

coming soon …

Final script: Amir Baradaran Director of photography: Afshin Alizadeh Composer: Amir Tausali Make-up designer: Abbas Abbasi Set designer: Saeed Artman Production manager: Seyed Hamidreza Atiyabi Costume designer: Afsana Samadzadeh

In the continuation of Masoud Atyabi’s best-selling comedies, after the films Texas, Dynamite, Solo and Bucharest, it was released in cinemas across the country under the leadership of Cinema Hoyzeh. Pejman Jamshidi and Mohsen Kiaei are the main couple of the movie Hotel;

Sound design, sound composition: Hossein Abolsadegh, sound director: Abbas Rostgarpour, editor: Mehsa Atyabi, special visual effects: Hasan Najafi, planning director: Narges Meshaikhi

First Assistant Director: Yusuf Vajdan Dost Photographer: Mohammad Badrlou Public Relations: Zahra Damzabadi Logo Designer: Irfan Behkar Poster Designer: Shayan Shafabakhsh


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