Tala and her disabled daughter Ati have been living together for years. After Tala realizes the aggravation of his illness and the possibility of his death in the near future, he decides to take action to secure Ati’s future and…

Genre: drama – Director and writer: Marjan Ashrafizadeh

Producer: Mohammad Hossein Ghasemi

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Maman Tala with the brilliant performance of Gulab Adina, who points to the preciousness and preciousness of this person, and Ati, with the admirable performance of Masoume Ghasemipour, who has a disability and is considered as a gift and forgiveness from God.

The social, sociological and psychological approach of Marjan Ashrafizadeh in the movie “Abji” is also worth considering. The film mentions issues such as immigration, unemployment and marriage, and even advances in the pathology and analysis of some of these phenomena.

Production Manager: Behzad Hashemi Assistant Producer: Saeed Beigi Set Designer: Farhanaz Naderi Sound Operator: Ali Rostgarpour Sound Design and Mixing: Irfan Yazdi Director of Photography: Mohammad Rasouli

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