Three friends, three lovers, three honor worshipers… Fasil narrates the lives of three young people in the fifties. These three young people face challenges that change their lives…

Author: Hamza Salehi – Producer: Ebrahim Amrian

Genre: Comedy – Director: Karim Amini

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Although the general idea of the film may be a bit funny, Fossil uses a recurring theme. The differences before and after the revolution, the presence of the committee in the city and parks, and the changing conditions, have been used many times in different films.


Seyed Ebrahim Amrian has previously produced two films, Solo and Dynamite, which are the first and second best-selling films in the history of Iranian cinema.


Jokes that don’t allow the audience to breathe in moments, but in Fossil, there is a long gap between two jokes, and the audience gets bored in the gap between these two jokes. In general, the performance of the actors in the film is good and acceptable


Bahram Afshari is totally funny, this may be due to the special feature of his body and height. He used his funnyness in the movie Fossil and kept the movie intact.

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