Holia is the story of a woman’s liver, which is mistakenly transplanted to a local tumor and transforms the local liver tumor!

Genre: Comedy – Family – Producer: Iraj Taghipour

Director and writer: Morteza Atash Zamzam


Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Director of planning, head of the director’s group: Massoud Haghi, production manager: Abolfazl Atash Zamzam, sound director: Maitham Yardilo, make-up designer: Mahyad Mimi, set and costume designer: Ali Sangni, cinematographer: Amin Ishaqian.


More than two years have passed since the death of Ali Ansarian due to the corona virus, and there are still unreleased films from him. This former football player, who at one point also turned to acting and performing, played in many films and series in 2018-2019. Some of them were shown after his death.


In this musical film, seven memorable Iranian and foreign songs have been sung by Mohammad Reza Hedayati and Zinda Yad Ali Ansarian in a fantasy setting.


Deputy Producer: Mehdi Rajabi Photographer: Arash Shah Mohammadi Planner: Amin Ranjbar Assistant Director: Leila Nasr Stage Secretary: Marjan Bahrami

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