Monshi makhsoose man

Monshi makhsoose man

Bozorgzadeh is a wealthy businessman who doesn’t go on a trip with his wife on the night of Eid for any reason to spend Eid with whoever he wants, unaware that the arrival of a boy named Saleh and his date with Boozozadeh’s secretary will mess everything up…

Genre: Comedy – Author: Saleh Deldam

Director and producer: Saleh Deldam

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online


Hossam Nawab Safavi, Zind Yad Siros Gerzhestani, Elizabeth Amini, Sanaz Samavati, Majid Shahriari, Shahram Timourian, Siavash Ghasemi, Sepideh Zakari, Ardeshir Kazemi, with the introduction of Havar Ghasemi, are among the actors of this comedy film.


My special secretary movie has a social comedy theme with political content. Perhaps this and breaking the red line has prevented its release for six years


First Assistant Director and Programmer: Mona Allameh Amiri, Edited by: Mehdi Karzain, Photo: Abbas Abhari and Advertising and Information Management: Media Journal Group.


Project Manager: Mohammad Arabi, Production Manager: Nasser Sohrabi, Deputy Producer: Late Hoshang Hamzaei, Cinematography Director: Seyed Nizam Kashfi, Sound Operator: Arash Broumand.

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