temsah khooni

temsah khooni

I am a crocodile, a bloody crocodile! A wounded person who has lost his whole life and has nothing to lose…

Director: Javad Ezzati – Author: Pedram Afshar

Producer: Kamran Hijazi – Genre: Comedy

coming soon….

The film’s acting group is one of the other points of the film, as they all played acceptable roles. In the tradition of his successful TV series, Ezzati has collaborated with Elnaz Habibi and Abbas Jamshidifar, and Khalaj’s charismatic presence is attractive and well used.

The success that Javad Ezzati achieved in his first film, as evidenced by the crowded screenings at the festival and the wonderful acting, is a well-chosen path. Unlike some of his contemporaries, Ezzati did not succumb to technique and technology and chose the originality of cinema as his main target.

Special visual effects designer: Amin Pahlvanzadeh, scheduler: Mohammad Reza Kashmiri, first assistant director: Panthea Hosseini, deputy production manager: Hassan Safari, color and light correction: Roshana studio, first assistant cinematographer, Homan Khalili

Editing: Emad Khodabakhsh Composer: Massoud Sakhawadoost Sound Design and Sound Mixing: Seyed Alireza Alavian Stage Designer: Babak Karimi Tari Costume Designer: Arta Mahan Sound Director: Amir Ashagh Hosseini Makeup Designer: Azim Frayn

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